International Fees Schedule

All course fees and charges in Australian Dollars (AUD) must be paid in advance by the date specified in the offer letter and/or invoice issued by Victory Institute. A penalty may be applied to late tuition fees.

Course fees are subject to change or variation. Victory Institute will honour the tuition fees quoted for enrolled students only if tuition commencement date is within 12 months. Application and enrolment fee of AUD$ 200 is mandatory and non-refundable for all courses. A pro rata tuition fee is required if student needs to repeat a subject(s). No fee reduction is applied for subject exemptions.

AUD$50 administration fee for issuing of CoE (non-refundable) at the time of enrolment guarantees students’ place in the course.

Victory Institute is not responsible for any monies paid to agents or third parties.

ELICOS Tuition Fee

Course Name CRICOS Code Tuition Fee Duration
067733J General English 067733J AUD $285 per week 1 – 48 weeks
067734G IELTS Preparation 067734G AUD $295 per week 12 – 24 weeks
088071B English for Academic Purposes 088071B AUD $3,840 per level
(1 level = 12 weeks)
12 – 36 weeks

Business Tuition Fee

Course Name CRICOS Code Tuition Fee Duration (inclusive Breaks)
BSB30120 Certificate III in Business 106339C AUD $10,000 52 weeks
BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business (Operations) 106336F AUD $10,000 52 weeks
BSB50120 Diploma of Business (Operations) 106337E AUD $20,000 104 weeks
BSB60120 Advanced Diploma of Business 106338D AUD $20,000 104 weeks

Marketing and Communication Tuition Fee

Course Name CRICOS Code Tuition Fee Duration (inclusive Breaks)
BSB40820 Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication 106994E AUD $10,000 52 weeks
BSB50620 Diploma of Marketing and Communication 106995D AUD $15,000 78 weeks
BSB60520 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication 106991H AUD $15,000 78 weeks

Screen and Media Tuition Fee

Course Name CRICOS Code Tuition Fee Duration (inclusive Breaks)
CUA41220 Certificate IV in Screen and Media (Animation and Visual Effects) 107570K AUD $18,000 78 weeks
CUA51020 Diploma of Screen and Media (Animation, Gaming and Visual Effects) 107571J AUD $18,000 78 weeks

Please contact VICTORY INSTITUTE marketing department at [email protected] for current course fees.

Other Applicable Fees

General Fees
Airport Pick up (one way)*  Available upon request
Homestay Placement Fee*  Available upon request
Oversea Health Cover Fee  Refer to OSHC provider
Administration Fees
Enrolment Fee*  AUD $200
CoE Issue Fee*  AUD $50
Material Fee (ELICOS)
– General English
– IELTS Preparation and English for Academic Purposes
AUD $120.00 per level
AUD $120.00 per Level
Material Fee (VET)
AQF level 3 qualification (Certificate III)
AQF level 4 qualifications (Certificate IV)
AQF level 5 qualifications (Diploma)
AQF level 6 qualifications (Advanced Diploma)
AUD $60 / Term
AUD $60 / Term
AUD $60 / Term
AUD $60 / Term
Late Payment Fee*  AUD $120 / Instalment
Deferment, Suspension or Withdrawal Fee*  AUD $200
Cancellation Fee*  AUD $200
Change of Course Fee* AUD $200
Change of Timetable Fee (VET)* AUD $20
Replacement Student ID Card*  AUD $30
Interim Academic Transcript* AUD $20
Re-assessment Fee* AUD $150 / Unit
Qualification Re-issue Fee* AUD $100
Re-issue of Statement of Attainment* AUD $100
Advance Standing / Course Credit Transfer Fee* AUD $0
Challenge Test for RPL Assessment Fee* AUD $250 / Unit
Photocopy & Print Fee (Black & White)
Photocopy & Print Fee (Color)  AUD $1.20 (A4), $1.70 (A3)/Page
Photocopy & Print Fee (Black & White)  AUD $0.20 (A4), $0.70 (A3)/Page

Remarks: * Non-Refundable | Fees are subject to change | Material fee will be used to purchase learner guides/textbooks/other study materials


Victory Institute can prepare a payment plan for all students. Once the enrolment in a course has been confirmed, the tuition fee plus other fees including material costs and others must be paid. For the course with more than one payment term, each instalment must be paid prior to the commencement of the relevant term.

If the tuition fees are not paid on time and in full, students may be disallowed from attending class, sitting tests/examinations, submitting assessments and/or receiving results until the outstanding fees have been paid.

The late payment fees of AUD $120 will be applied for late payment cases.

Should fees remain overdue for more than one day, student will be given notice about Victory Institute’s intention to report student’s non-payments of fees to the DHA via PRISMS.

Note: The fees and charges stated above are subject to change or variation. Due notice will be provided prior to any adjustment.