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Situated in Sydney CBD right in the heart of Sydney City, Victory Institute is seen as one of the prestigious providers of English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses in Australia. At Victory, you are offered the best quality of both teaching and educational facilities, helping to create a very comfortable and home-like learning environment.

No doubt the location in Sydney CDB has state-of-the-art and easily accessible transportation infrastructure, embracing nearby stations such as Town Hall, Museum Station, etc. as well as train and bus systems.

Right in this heart of Sydney is also the hub of shopping, from European labelled clothes at reasonable prices in small markets to luxurious brands located in huge commercial centers or shopping malls. Furthermore, breathtaking landscapes and historical buildings are the major factors to appeal to thousands of international students coming to live and study here.


Regarding VET courses, Victory gives a prime focus on training animation and multimedia spheres with courses in Screen and Media. Here students have access to integrated programs which can articulate seamlessly into degrees. Personal real-life experiences of lecturers are the key to inspire students to take action and strive for acquiring more and more knowledge. Thus, it is understandable when Victory is often the top choice of high school students after their graduation.

Learning English at Victory is about much more than reciting words in the classroom. Instead of concentrating on traditional teaching methods, our advanced approach proves in the way of stimulating critical thinking among students, imparting skills of conducting projects or group work and certainly, igniting inner motivation to become involved in lessons. The available courses suit a range of studies, from General English, IELTS to English for Academic Purposes. English obtained after the course will definitely lay a firm platform for you to go on your pathway further.

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Is there still anything that makes you hesitate not to grasp this opportunity to at least once experience study and life in Sydney?

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Beyond studies at Victory Institute is always a vibrant student life. As a commitment, we always aim at bringing students with the best experience during their time with us in Sydney with many students unions, clubs for both academic purposes and extracurricular activities.

Situated right in the heart of Sydney CBD, Victory Institute is renowned for its English courses (ELICOS), Screen & Media courses (VET) , Business and Accounting courses.

At Victory Institute, you can enjoy an abundance of dynamic activities with friends from all corners of the Earth, being immersed into multicultural life and exchanging valuable lessons with your peers.


During school years, we always have a packed of parties and events for you to celebrate, namely Halloween, Christmas, etc. as occasions to explore, team up and get students closer to each other.

More importantly, we cherish after-class moments of students by opening up numerous opportunities for students to take part in clubs and societies supported by Victory.


Student life at Victory is not just all about fun. It is also for you to mark the very first milestone in building a strong network with other talented students, learning from them professional knowledge or life skills as a preparation for future life.

Here is a place to call home of myriad students since they truly find their true friends, the ones that they can freely share their interests with.


Is it much fun when you can enjoy your favorite sports activities with your like-minded friends after each hard-studying day?

You can get involved in a vast array of sports activities such as badminton, football, tennis, golf and even skiing and chess.

Why not join us to explore more fun of our Victory?

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Our commitment to excellent quality of teaching and graduates after accomplishing the course appears to be the major drive for us to conduct what we are doing. It is evident in our research, teaching and alumni community with a high rate of employability after graduation.

Nestled in the heart of Sydney CBD, right in the middle of the vibrant Sydney oasis, Victory Institute is renowned as a prestigious provider of ELICOS and VET courses, particularly Screen & Media. Regarding training in the animation and multimedia spheres, Victory is one of just a few providers not only in Sydney, but also in entire Australia offering high-quality courses at very competitive tuition fees.

High-quality and inspiring learning environment

Our main purpose is to give our students opportunities to experience a diverse environment combined with home-like spaces, creating convenience and comfort on campus.

Coming to Victory, you can meet our well-trained and friendly staff members who are always willing to assist you at any time, with any matter, anywhere. Centrally located in Sydney CBD, Victory is an inspiration for not only local students to follow their Screen & Media passion but also overseas ones from all over the world.

The academic staff members of Victory are all experts in kindling enthusiasm and igniting motivation among learners and also help them to overcome challenges of student life in Sydney.

Promising career prospects

High standards of teaching and learning facilities mean high employment record of graduates which is often greatly valued by well-known recruiters in Screen & Media Industry.

More importantly, Victory has established and maintained numerous prestigious industry links and pathway learning opening up myriad choices for students.

Real-world exploration

In contrast to restraining students’ perspectives within theoretical knowledge and campuses, Victory diverts their mindset to outside world, to think outside of the box with the aim of broadening students’ horizons further. Our Screen & Media courses target at placing students to be immersed in real-case experiences via extracurricular activities or internship programs in world-famous companies in Media & Entertainment Industry.

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“Truth be told, I loved Screen & Media just as an ordinary hobby and never expected to get passionate with it like this before enrolling into Victory Institute. However, my lecturers are the major spurs to my great effort every moment since my very first day at Victory.”


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Known as one of the most livable cities in Australia, Sydney is home to thousands of international students sharing a common dream of mastering the English language. It is also well-known for its multicultural feature, diverse cuisines, world-famous shopping malls and thousands of entertainment centers.

If you have an intention of learning English abroad, Sydney is really a perfect choice.




Located right in the heart of Sydney CBD, Victory Institute is a prestigious education provider of English courses (ELICOS), Screen & Media (VET) , Business and Accounting courses.

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Regarding English courses, Victory offers international students with a vast array of choices, from General English to English for Academic Purposes and IELTS Preparation to suit your level most.

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The General English course is intended for students at the beginner level, wishing to learn English for a broad range of different purposes. There are 4 levels in this course, including Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate.

Our General English courses are to equip students with language skills for daily communication, from shopping, travelling to working in real-world contexts. Additionally, our courses can be seen as a firm platform for your pathways to our Vocational courses or IELTS Preparation courses further.

The General English courses are delivered through classroom face-to-face instruction, individual and group projects, class presentations and discussions, and educational/cultural excursions.

Each level has a core text book where topics and different language features are introduced each week. Lessons are absolutely communicative and learner-centered, thereby giving students myriad opportunities to practice using English as much as possible.

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