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Victory Institute Courses


“I love teaching because I get to help my students change and improve their lives and they do the same for me. There is a lot of laughter in my classroom and I believe the best way to reach their brains is to tickle their hearts!”
Susannah Bell
“I love teaching English to the beginners here because not only can I teach them to communicate with other people from around the world but I can also share my culture and experience of living here to them.”
Sirima Supphatchai

Our Students

“I like the trainers here, especially Samson. He takes the time to explain course subjects and is very supportive to students who require extra help. I like the fact that the classroom has a good mood and environment.”
Sylwia Drzyzdzyk
Certificate IV in Screen and Media Student
“Enjoy your life in Australia. Enjoy your study at Victory.”
Yu Ni Chiu
General English Courses Student
“Now I can have a fluid conversation in my classroom with my teacher and my classmates! We have excursions and we have a lot of fun.”
Ana Lucia Rendon Benitez
General English Courses Student
“I am so happy studying at Victory Institute. I am learning a lot and with the time I am feeling more confidence.”
Lalita Ladpala
General English Courses Student